Bad period pain?

A recent study has found that Ginger was as effective as mefenamic acid (eg Ponstan) and ibuprofen (eg Nurofen) in relieving pain in women with severe period cramping. The participants took one capsule of dried Ginger rhizome (root) powder four times a day for the first three days of their period.  Other groups in the study took the mefenamic acid or ibuprofen. 

There was a decrease in the severity of the cramping in all three groups and there was no significant difference in the results of the three groups – showing that Ginger was just as effective as the medication!! So before reaching for the chemicals – speak to Michelle about trying the Ginger! Ozgoli G, Goli M, Moattar F. J Altern Complement Med 2009; 15(22): 129-132

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