Mercury and Unexplained fatigue

Mercury toxicity is the second most common cause of toxic metal poisoning.  Symptoms of too much mercury in the body include fatigue, depression and nervous system disorders.

There are insidious sources of mercury in our food chain eg in the fish from our oceans and high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten many foods. Current WHO (World Health Organisation) tolerance levels for mercury are set at a maximum of 200µg (micrograms) per week. 

Other authorities throughout the world recommend a lower level than this. Now if you are eating fish that’s high in mercury (eg flake), a meal containing a 200g serve of this fish could supply 100 µg of mercury.  Have two of these meals per week and you have already reached your upper limit!

Remember that mercury accumulates in the body and is not easily removed by the body. One solution is to ensure you are having enough Selenium as Selenium binds to Mercury to create a non-toxic salt. Speak to us about testing and treating heavy metal toxicity.

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