Vitamin C and Cervical Cancer

A study published in “Nutrition and Cancer” explored whether antioxidant vitamin intakes influenced the risk of cervical cancer3.  The study was comprised of 144 women with cervical cancer and 288 controls and found that women with high levels of vitamin C had statistically significantly lower cervical cancer risk than those with low levels of vitamin C.

Foods high in Vitamin C include red capsicum, brussel sprouts, citrus fruits, papayas, kiwifruit, guava, blackcurrants, mango, cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, lychees and sprouts.

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3Kim, J., Kim, M., Lee, J., Kim, J., Son, S. Song, E., Lee, K., Lee, J., Lee, J., Yun, Y., 2010, Nutrition and Cancer, ‘Intakes of Vitamin A,C, and E, and beta-Carotene are associated with risk of Cervical Cancer: A case Control Study in Korea’, Vol. 62, No. 2, pg 181-189

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  2. Hi Georgina – if you do a search on the reference at the bottom of this article you will find a link to the source. Kind regards, Michelle Avedissian

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