Danger in the Supermarket!

There are many preservatives I could focus on however the one I’ve chosen is a common one found in many deli meats 

Whenever I’m in the supermarket I see streams of people buying their ham and bacon etc.  Often people think by eating low fat ham or bacon they are doing their body a favour.  The low fat bit might be good in theory but the hidden preservative is a possible cancer causing agent!  Also some may think buying it from the deli counter means it is “fresh” and doesn’t have the preservatives.  Ask to see the label from where the ham has come from – you may be unpleasantly surprised!

The preservatives to avoid are Sodium Nitrate (250, 251) and Potassium Nitrate (252). These preservatives may cause behavioural problems, cancer, asthma, headaches, dizziness and kidney inflammation. 

Tip: If you must have some deli meat with these preservatives, eat it with an antioxidant rich food such as red capsicum – this might counteract the effects!

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