Danger in the Supermarket

Every year Australians consume over 5kgs of food additives each.  Some aren’t harmful however over 60 are questionable in regards to safety or are known to be harmful.

Many of you have heard about the problems with artificial colours, flavours and preservatives but what about antioxidants?  There are certain antioxidants that are added to food that aren’t good for you!

Antioxidants with the numbers 300 – 309 are fine.  The ones to avoid are:
310, 311, 312, 321 – Can be a problem for asthmatics and aspirin sensitive people. They can also cause stomach and skin irritations.  310 & 321 are also  suspected carcinogens.
319 – Linked to cancer and birth defects. Can cause nausea, vomiting, delerium, collapse, dermatitis. Dose of 5g is fatal!  Do not eat this!
320 – Serious concerns about carcinogenic and oestrogenic effects.  Can be a problem for asthmatics and aspirin sensitive people.  Causes metabolic changes and accumulates in body fat.  Banned in Japan in 1958.

Many of these antioxidants are prohibited in foods for infants and young children but we adults shouldn’t have them either!! 

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