Do Antibiotics Make You Fat?

Some may think the thought of antibiotics making us fat a bit of a joke but researchers are starting to take this seriously!

It is well known that farmers supply livestock with frequent doses of antibiotics to prevent disease but did you know that prolonged antibiotic usage causes disruption in the digestive tract of these animals and the food they eat is not properly assimilated, leading to significant weight gain? 

Normal bacteria in the gut helps animals and humans to metabolise fat, but the deficiency of these normal bacteria, caused by repeated antibiotic use, disrupts proper fat metabolism, leading to weight gain.  Certain gut bacteria determines how our food is digested and how fat is stored in the body.  Disruption to this gut bacteria can also increase inflammation in the body.

Sometimes you can’t avoid the antibiotics however you can replenish the gut with the good bowel flora with a quality probiotic product such as Ultra Flora Restore from Avedissian Natural Health.

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