Hormones Out Of Balance?

Do you suffer from:

* irregular or heavy periods  * weight gain
* fluid retention                        * low libido
* breast tenderness               * sleep disturbances
* headaches                            * foggy head
* mood swings                        * thinning of scalp hair? 

If the answer is YES to some or all of these you could have symptoms of oestrogen dominance (and progesterone deficiency)! There are many causes of oestrogen dominance however there are many answers in Naturopathy and Homeopathy including:

1. Symptom relief and balancing of hormones with herbal medicines such as Peony and Chaste Tree.

2. Improve oestrogen clearance and metabolism with probiotics, glutamine, flaxseed, resveratrol, sesame, broccoli sprout and globe artichoke.

3. Reduce xenoestrogen exposure by reducing use of plastics, eating organic food, washing fruit and vegies thoroughly and reducing use of parabens in cosmetics.

4. Reduce unhealthy oestrogen synthesis with concentrated, toxin-free fish oils; Zinc, Pomegranate, Vitamin A; and by reducing inflammation in the body with anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric and an alkaline diet (so lots of vegies!). Inflammation leads to high oestrogen levels.

5. Homeopathic medicines are especially effective in treating the whole person – the physical symptoms as well as your unique mental/emotional symptoms.

If you suspect you have oestrogen dominance, call Avedissian Natural Health today on 9453 0779.

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