Keeping your children healthy and happy at school and childcare

At school and childcare, kids are exposed to a host of bacteria and viruses and are often susceptible to infections.  The winter months are the perfect time to boost your child’s immunity so they stay strong and healthy through the ‘flu season’.

Less sick days thanks to probiotics.
Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07 are two strains of probiotics that have been scientifically show to help boost immunity.  In a scientific study, children aged 3 -5 years taking these probiotics daily over six months had significantly less infections, shorter duration of cold and flu symptoms and less days absent from childcare!

Here are some simple steps to strong immunity:
Ensure your child eats plenty of vegies & fruit every day.
Ensure your child eats protein-rich foods in each meal or snack.

Ensure your child drinks plenty of water daily.
Reduce sugary foods and sweets as these can suppress the immune system.
Avoid processed foods, additives,  artificial flavours.
Ensure your child has adequate sleep and exercise.

If your child has frequent coughs and colds, call us at Avedissian Natural Health today!  We can help to boost their immune system and reduce their susceptibility to infections.

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