Naturopathy is a form of medicine that uses substances from nature to treat health problems. In Naturopathy the cause of the problem is addressed and the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself is aided with the healing power of natural medicines.

Naturopathy includes:

Herbal Medicines - These medicines are derived from plants. They are effective medicines which help with many health conditions.  Of recent years, there has been more research into herbal medicine. Michelle combines her knowledge of this research with the traditional uses of the herbs to find the best herbal combination for you.

Nutritional Supplements - Michelle uses Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Amino Acids that are prescribed at therapeutic doses to help correct deficiencies.   Only quality supplements are prescribed.

Food As Medicine - So many health problems can be alleviated with a change to your diet. Part of Michelle's treatment strategy involves looking at your diet, tweaking it and using food as medicine.

Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies may also be used within Naturopathy.

If you would like to have a chat with Michelle about how Naturopathy can help you, please call (02) 9453 0779 or use our Contact Us page.  Alternatively, click on the following headings to see how Naturopathy can help you ...

Lose Weight
Fix Fatigue
Help Hormones
Strengthen immunity
Blood sugar problems
Fix your gut!
Sad and worried?
Healthy skin
Cardiovascular problems
Cancer support

Homeopathy and Counselling

Homeopathic Medicines stimulate the body’s vitality and can restore health at both a physical and mental/emotional level. The medicines are derived from substances in nature. The World Health Organisation acknowledges homoeopathy as the second most widely used medicine in the world. 

If you are solely interested in Homeopathy and/or Counselling please have a look at Keith Avedissian’s websites and or contact him on 0412 231 332.

Weight Loss

There is more to weight loss than counting calories!  At Avedissian Natural Health we believe that getting to the cause of your weight gain, and supporting it with a program you can maintain, is essential to losing weight and long lasting results. 

Using the latest research, we provide a program that has proven to work.  We also use specialised in-house clinical testing to monitor your weight loss to ensure you are losing fat and not valuable muscle.

Read more about losing weight ...