Anti-ageing Medicine

Anti-ageing is an important part of our practice at Avedissian Natural Health.  Anti-ageing medicine involves being the healthiest and most vital you possibly can.  We plan for holidays, weddings, buying houses and retirement, yet we often don’t plan for our health!  Without health we can’t enjoy all these other aspects of life.

Though we need to accept and enjoy ageing, through a Wellness and Anti-ageing Programme at Avedissian Natural Health you can avoid health problems related to our modern lifestyle and western diet.  Feeling tired, gaining weight, developing diabetes and heart disease are not necessary consequences of growing old!  So many degenerative diseases can be avoided through following a Wellness and Anti-ageing Programme.  

Using sophisticated in-house clinical testing we can assess your body composition, hydration levels and health status.  This, along with questionnaires and detailed case taking, we can identify areas of your diet and lifestyle that you need to modify. Throughout the programme your health is constantly monitored and reviewed. All programmes are individually tailored to your particular needs. 

The aim of our Wellness and Anti-ageing Programme is to reduce the negative symptoms of ageing and replace them with the healthiest life you can have.

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