Resolving Allergies

Unfortunately allergies are on the increase in Australia and many people suffer in silence from their allergies.  But allergies are not something you need to put up with!  It is possible to manage your allergies naturally.

Allergies can cause many symptoms:

Maybe you suffer from sinus congestion and hayfever?
Or you may have a persistent cough, wheezing or asthma?

Maybe you get headaches and feel tired all the time?
Or maybe you have skin disorders such as eczema or hives?

Maybe you react to certain foods or chemicals in the food?
Often this reaction is not actually an allergy but a food intolerance – the reaction in the body is different.  A food allergy is an immune response whereas a food intolerance is a ‘’chemical’’ reaction in the body.  Food intolerances are actually much more common than food allergies.

As well as looking at symptom relief for your allergy (or food intolerance), at Avedissian Natural Health  we will address the underlying cause such as immune imbalances or nutritional deficiencies for your long term relief.

We may use special diets, elimination diets, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to help your allergy.  We may also refer you to Labs for allergy testing.

Manage your allergies naturally by calling us today on (02) 9453 0779. 

(If you are interested in using Homeopathy to help your allergies please see Keith Avedissian’s website or call Keith on 0412 231 332)