Thyroid Gland Disorders

Gaining weight, feeling tired and down?  Maybe it’s your thyroid!

Your thyroid, a gland situated in the front part of your neck, produces hormones needed for
normal metabolism. Thyroid hormones set the pace for most of your body functions – they regulate your metabolic rate and how fast or slow your organs and tissues function.

Did you know that poor thyroid function can affect your weight loss, energy levels and mood? If your thyroid is not producing enough thyroxine (thyroid hormone) you will feel tired, gain weight and feel depressed.

Thyroid gland function and hormone production requires certain nutrients and at Avedissian Natural Health we can help you detect if you are low in these nutrients.  Herbal medicines that support your thyroid function are also used.

On the reverse side, an overactive thyroid gland can cause problems such as anxiety, palpitations, insomnia and unexplained weight loss.  At Avedissian Natural Health, calming herbal medicines and supplements to address the cause of the overactivity are helpful in bringing your thyroid back into balance.

So if you think your thyroid isn’t functioning optimally, talk to us today! Call Michelle on (02) 9453 0779.
If you are interested in using Homeopathy to help your hormone health, please see Keith Avedissian’s website