Weight Loss & Detox Programs

Want sparkling eyes, glowing skin, more energy, improved digestion – as well as lose some unwanted kilos?

A Detox Program at Avedissian Natural Health can do all of this!

A Detox, done properly, can help to take a load off the detox organs of the body. It also supports the natural detox processes. Though it can help you to lose some weight and improve your digestion and skin, it can also help with seemingly unrelated symptoms such as sore joints, headaches or painful periods.

You may have seen over the counter detox products however these don’t assess your individual health requirements. A personalised Detox Program at Avedissian Natural Health will be based on your specific health needs and, with the support of Michelle Avedissian, a qualified practitioner, lead to long term well-being – something we all want!

So give your body a break and start a Detox Program at Avedissian Natural Health  today. For more information contact us via email or phone (02) 9453 0779.