There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about homeopathy and research. Unlike many herbal medicines or nutritional supplements, it is difficult to have homeopathy researched through double blind, controlled studies. This is because, with Homeopathy, one remedy is chosen out of thousands that matches the symptoms of the individual.  For example, two people may have headaches but the homeopathic remedy for each is unlikely to be the same as they will have a slightly different set of symptoms. 

Non-randomised non-controlled studies are a different type of research that CAN make a useful contribution to essential developmental research in homeopathy and might suggest areas where it is effective. Findings from studies in this category may be considered as an adjunct to research evidence obtained from RCTs (randomized controlled trials). Their results are generally strongly positive. 

Bristol Homeopathic Hospital – An observational study at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital included over 6,500 consecutive patients with over 23,000 attendances in a 6-year period. Seventy percent of follow-up patients reported improved health, 50% referring to major improvement. The best treatment responses were reported in childhood eczema and asthma, and in inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal problems and migraine in adults. Similar patient-reported outcomes have been reported from the UK’s other four NHS Homeopathic Hospitals.   

Royal London Homeopathic Hospital – A 500-patient survey at this hospital showed that many patients were able to reduce or stop conventional medication following homeopathic treatment. The size of the effect varied between diagnoses: for skin complaints, for example, 72% of patients reported being able to stop or reduce their conventional medication.

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References available upon request.

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