The Seven Dwarfs of Menopause


Itchy   Witchy   Sweaty   Sleepy   Bloated   Forgetful   Moody

Do you relate to one (or all!) of these Dwarfs?

Menopause can be a difficult time for women … hot flushes, night sweats, poor sleep, weight gain, mood swings, depression, poor memory.  As hormone production ceases, these symptoms can occur. But did you know, with adequate support, the Adrenal glands can step in where the ovaries left off?  

The Adrenal glands produce DHEA which acts as a precursor to oestrogen synthesis and pregnenolone, which can help produce progesterone.  It is possible that problems associated with menopause such as osteoporosis, vaginal atrophy, fat accumulation and cognitive decline are related to DHEA deficiency. 

Adrenal health is therefore vital through menopause and this is where Naturopathy can help. Naturopathy is one of the few professions that has access to remedies to support the Adrenal glands. Wonderful herbal remedies such as Rehmannia, Shatavari, Rhodiola and Withania can all support the adrenal glands and therefore optimise female hormone production.

Sweaty, Sleepy and Itchy

As well as supporting the adrenal glands, it is important to help the nervous system to treat hot flushes.  Calming herbs such as Lavender, Zizyphus and Passionflower can work well. Also Sage can be helpful for those very sweaty hot flushes.  Even a few cups of Sage tea each day can reduce the sweating.  Quality fish oils are also helpful for the dryness that is associated with menopause.


Oestrogen assists in maintaining lean muscle mass and healthy metabolism  When oestogen levels decline so does lean muscle and metabolic rate.  By supporting the adrenal glands you not only support the hormone synthesis but also reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) fluctuations which have been linked to increased abdominal obesity, insulin resistance and poor appetite regulation.  So again, the adrenal herbs mentioned above can help here along with chromium, magnesium and the herb Gymnema which can regulate your blood sugar.  Of course, plenty of resistance exercise and good quality protein in your diet will also help maintain your lean muscle.

Witchy, Forgetful and Moody

Changes in hormone levels will affect your nervous system and mood stability, memory and sleep patterns.  22-33% of menopausal women report mood deteriorations and depression. Low levels of DHEA have been identified in depressed patients and high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are linked to depression, poor sleep, and problems with memory. These adrenal hormones can be brought into balance with our wonderful adrenal herbs as well as St John’s Wort for depression and Ginkgo to prevent cognitive decline.

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