About Naturopathy


Naturopathy is a form of medicine that uses substances from nature to treat health problems. In Naturopathy the cause of the problem is addressed and the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself is aided with the healing power of natural medicines.

In my practice I use Herbal Medicines that are derived from plants. These medicines are strong and effective yet rarely have side effects. I also prescribe Vitamins, Minerals, Homoeopathy and Bach Flower Essences. Part of my treatment strategy involves looking at the client’s diet and using food as medicine.

About Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine, also called botanical medicine, involves using plants for medicinal purposes to restore balance to the body to treat diseases. Herbal Medicines help to balance the whole body, unlike pharmaceuticals which only work on one body system.

Traditionally Herbal Medicine was based on knowledge gained over many hundreds of years. These days the therapeutic use of plants is now increasingly based on a scientific understanding of the plants’ actions in the body.

In my practice I will prescribe my Herbal Medicine based on my knowledge of the herb’s traditional use as well as the latest scientific understanding.

When prescribed by a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist, herbal medicine is safe and extremely effective. If I decide herbal medicine is the best treatment for you I will dispense a herbal blend that is individual for you as a person and your health condition. The Herbal Medicines I use are of the highest quality and derived exclusively from plants. They may be in the form of liquids, teas, tablets and/or capsules.

About Nutritional Medicine

As an experienced Nutritionist, in my practice I will use Nutritional Medicine to promote a proactive approach to health by focusing on prevention of disease as well as treatment of disease conditions. Our food is our health so it can be used to prevent disease; or food can be used as medicine. There is plenty of evidence that a poor or incorrect diet will lead to chronic diseases. In the consultation I will assess your diet and then guide you in the best foods for you to eat.

Nutritional Medicine may also involve prescribing nutritional supplements. These may be in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids or powders and they will be used if the client has nutritional imbalances or deficiencies. I use practitioner-only products that are of the highest quality, potency, absorbability and are backed by research. They are used to deliver a therapeutic dose of nutrition to the body.

Some clients may not want to take natural medicines so I will work solely with their diet, using food as medicine.

About Bach Flower Remedies and Homoeopathy

Bach Flower Remedies are gentle and safe flower essences that work on shifting the emotional and mental state of a person. Michelle uses these essences to make her treatment truly holistic. By addressing the emotional and mental state of a person, it aids the balance of the physical state.

Homeopathic Medicines stimulate the body’s vitality and can restore health at both a physical and mental/emotional level. The medicines are derived from substances in nature. The World Health Organisation acknowledges homoeopathy as the most widely practiced alternative form of medicine. If you are solely interested in Homeopathy have a look at Keith Avedissian’s website www.homeopathyforyou.com.au or contact him on 0412 231 332.

Please feel free to contact Michelle Avedissian if you would like to make an appointment or find out more about how she can help you on: (02) 9453 0779

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