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The first Naturopathic consultation takes approximately one hour. In this time the reason you have made the visit is discussed plus your case history is thoroughly taken. Your diet, lifestyle and emotional well-being may also be discussed. All this gives a holistic picture of your case which helps me to choose the treatment strategy that is individual and right for you.

Follow-up consultations take approximately half an hour.

In a consultation, tests may be carried out if appropriate to your needs eg bio-impedance analysis, test for zinc status, blood pressure, nail/tongue diagnosis, urine test, iridology or referral for hormonal tests, blood tests, stool tests. [click here to go through to Diagnostic Testing]

You can also choose to follow a Weight Loss or Detox Program. These programs are a cost effective way of achieving a health goal. See under Weight Loss or Detox Program for more information.

It is Michelle’s mission to educate clients and help them achieve their optimum state of health through her extensive clinical experience and knowledge.

Your health is important … don’t wait any longer, feel the best you can now…

Please feel free to contact Michelle Avedissian if you would like to make an appointment or find out more about how she can help you on:
(02) 9453 0779

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