“I started consulting Michelle because I felt like I was viewing the world through a fog, I had no energy and every day was an effort, it was really starting to depress me.  I had been to doctors, dieticians, hormone specialists and gynaecologists and nobody had any answers. 

Now I bounce out of bed and tackle every day with enthusiasm, energy and a smile.  My family love the fact that I am not short tempered and angry all the time any more either.  I sleep better, no more PMS symptoms or headaches either.  One of the reasons I love going to see Michelle is because she is always interesting and interested in me.”

Sandy, Belrose


“I have been seeing Michelle for the past five years now. I have found her to be a most caring, thorough and highly informed practitioner with my health needs. I originally went to see Michelle due to my skin breakouts ( despite being in my 30’s) and due to my overall health and energy levels. I have found that Michelle meticulously attended to investigating my hormonal imbalances and found that her recommendations have cleared my skin and helped me to understand how my hormones function. Michelle has also attended to my general health to help with my feelings of fatigue and low energy at times.  With her assistance, this area has improved. She has looked at all aspects holistically, including my nutrition/diet and stress management strategies. I have also experienced bloating at times and Michelle’s investigation of this and recommendations have helped to ease this problem greatly.

I find that Michelle is honest and  highly dedicated to her profession and this is what has comes first in her approach to my health and well being over the past years. Michelle always allows you to be informed and come to your own decisions with her recommendations. She has a very calm and gentle approach. I could not have done without her her care over the last few years and my health and well being is all for the better.”

Catherine, Cremorne


“I’ve always had a closet interest in naturopathy and nutritional medicine and wanted to learn how, with the use of herbs, foods and diet, you could ease and overcome illnesses, improve your body’s performance and maximise its potential.  So naturally, I was delighted when I successfully bid on the “Wellness and Health Pack” at a school fundraising evening because it included a complimentary consultation to meet Michelle at Avedissian Natural Health.

That was years ago now and Michelle has supported my health journey which has so far involved weight loss, an extended fitness regime, weight maintenance, depression and now “the change” (menopause).

I have recommended Michelle to several of my friends and we all agree that Michelle has a kind, caring nature, someone who really listens carefully to the issues her clients raise in a confidential and friendly manner.  Michelle is keenly aware of life’s pressures and, coupled with people’s strengths and weaknesses, is able to tailor an individual path for each client.

Further, I thoroughly enjoy the educational aspect that Michelle is happy to provide.  Consequently, she has equipped me with strategies that have become day-to-day lifestyle decisions for me rather than quick fix remedies we all know are out there on the market.

I thoroughly recommend Avedissian Natural Health and hope that your experience is as positive as mine is.”

Deb, Frenchs Forest


Michelle is a very caring, dedicated and highly professional Naturopath.  I was struggling to lose the weight that I had put on over a five year period and with Michelle’s amazing detox program and highly supportive manner, I was able to lose and keep off the desired weight within six months!  She has provided me with greater insight into my health & well being by offering practical steps and helpful advice – seeing Michelle isn’t optional, its a must!!  
Genine Hill, Massage Therapist & Mum


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